Pricing Built Around
Needs & Turnover
Our packages are designed to meet your unique needs with upfront pricing. From fast landing page solutions to full branding and design, Sensimal is ready to fulfill your Webflow Development requirements. Get in touch to discuss any of the options below.
Pricing 2
  • - Figma ready
  • - 5-day turnover
  • - Fully responsive
  • - SEO optimized
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Pricing 2
  • - More than 5 pages
  • - Ready in 14 days
  • - Basic CMS included
  • - Basic integrations included
    - Fully responsive
    - SEO optimized
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Pricing 3
  • - Need branding and design
  • - CMS or eCommerce
  • - Fully responsive
  • - SEO optimized
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Pricing 4
Who is this for?
  • - Small-to-mid-sized companies that don’t have a dedicated Webflow Designer & Developer
  • - You need constant updates to your website
  • - You are a one-man show and don’t have time to work on your site
It Includes:
  • - Working on your immediate needs and updates for the website
  • - Reviewing existing structure of the website and updating/cleaning classes and styles not used
  • - Reviewing the CMS and SEO set-up
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