Use These Fonts for Your Webflow Site Next

Webflow offers Google Fonts right inside its interface and makes it very convenient to experiment with different fonts. Here are 10 font pairings to take your Webflow site to next level.

1. Alfa Slab One & Gentium

Alfa Slab One for Headings, Gentium for Body and Buttons

2. Anton & Work Sans

Anton for Headings, Work Sans for Body and Button

3. Asul & Fira Sans

Asul for Headings, Fira Sans for Body and Buttons

4. Chivo & Inter

Chivo for Headings, Inter for Body and Buttons

5. Cinzel & Fauna One

Cinzel for Headings, Fauna One for Body and Buttons

6. Karla & Martel

Karla for Headings, Martel for Body and Buttons

7. Libre Baskerville & Inter

Libre Baskerville for Headings, Inter for Body and Buttons

8. PT Sans & Bitter

PT Sans for Headings and Buttons, Bitter for Body

9. Vollkorn & Raleway

Vollkorn for Headings, Raleway for Body and Buttons

10. Playfair Display & Gothic A1

Playfair Display for Headings, Gothic A1 for Body and Buttons


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