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Tailored Webflow Development Services

Custom Webflow Development
5 days
Chisos already had designs in Figma, along with a style guide. They needed someone with Figma expertise to quickly implement their designs in Webflow. Sensimal aligned with the CTO, developed effective alternatives for their complex pages, created technically feasible solutions, and made every page responsive.
As with many companies with global reach, Applied needed their websites to have seamlessly transitioning language switcher functionality for their international clients. We worked with their existing Content Management System (CMS) structure and delivered full functionality in multiple languages along with responsive design for mobile and tablet devices.
Custom Webflow CMS Development
10 days
Custom Webflow Development
5-10 days
Wonghaus needed an expert to implement their Figma designs in Webflow, along with detailed website development for the multiple services they offer. Sensimal worked alongside stakeholders and a UX/UI designer to bring the designs to life, integrate their many technical challenges, and create fully responsive pages.


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